Manifesta 12 - Palermo Atlas Book Launch

Palermo Atlas is an interdisciplinary analysis of the city of Palermo commissioned by Manifesta 12 and undertaken by the Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

The research explores the architecture, archaeology and anthropology of the city, its historical archives and personal stories. Contemporary Palermo is indeed a particularly fascinating object of study. On one hand, it is a mosaic of identities, cultures and ecosystems, the result of centuries of encounters and exchanges between civilisations. On the other, it is the stage of the great social and environmental challenges of our time, from the migration crisis to climate change. Drawing on this complexity, Palermo Atlas sets out to host a reflection on social and environmental renewal, outlining a research model capable of making a long-term impact on the city and its inhabitants.

LecturerIppolito Pestellini Laparelli
HostHet Nieuwe Instituut
LocationRotterdam, The Netherlands
DateDecember 7, 2018