On Hold

"On Hold" is a presentation of ten of OMA's commissions for Masterplans in Europe and the Middle East, all of which are now either "on hold" or have been discontinued. Conceived in the virtual space of the computer, and with no imminent prospect of realization, these projects remain intangible in every sense. By retroactively creating physical originals, this exhibition hopes to make the virtual tangible…

On the occasion of the exhibition opening, OMA Partner Reinier de Graaf discusses the ephemeral nature of the architectural profession, using the stories of this selection of OMA's unrealized projects as a vehicle to reveal the immense depth of architectural thought and urban theory which often remains hidden when projects like these never materialize.

LecturerReinier de Graaf
HostThe British School at Rome (BSR)
LocationRome, Italy
DateMay 4, 2011
EventOn Hold exhibition opening
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