RIBA+VitrA at Aviva Studios: Architecture for Expression

Hear from architect Ellen van Loon about the creation of Aviva Studios. This new permanent home of Factory International is the landmark new cultural space in the heart of Manchester, creating a global destination for arts, music, and culture.

The key to the design of the building is its flexibility, offering a new type of performance space; a unique crossover between a fixed theatre and an open warehouse setting, conceived to create multiple opportunities and limitless configurations and environments.

At street level, the design has created a significant area of public space along the River Irwell. The building’s concrete and corrugated metal facades stand against the surrounding refurbished brick buildings, offices, and studio spaces that make up the new St John’s neighbourhood.

This is a recording of a live event held on 29 November 2023 at Aviva Studios in Manchester.

LecturersEllen van Loon, John E McGrath and Faz Barber
LocationManchester, United Kingdom
DateNovember 29, 2023