Louis Vuitton Visionary Journeys Bangkok

Visionary Journeys marks the first instalment of OMA’s concept for Louis Vuitton’s exhibition design and identity. Located on the ground level of the Gaysorn Amarin in Bangkok, the inaugural project is the cultural component to “LV The Place” a new interface to the Maison integrating exhibition, café, store, and restaurant.

The scenography recontextualizes historic and contemporary pieces through dreamlike environments. The most defining designs or moments of the Maison are quite literally translated into the environments containing them. Five thematic rooms—"Trunkscape”, “Origins”, “Iconic Bags”, “Collaboration”, and “Souvenirs”—is constructed using a specific display typology informed by its contents. Elements and techniques such as structural innovations, boundless archival formats, material qualities, and iconographies are extracted and translated into a kit of new parts for each room.